A Badger’s Tale

The wildlife crime mystery novel, ‘A Badger’s Tale’, is a challenging story full of magic and healing that only the natural world can bring.  Rejected by his mother and threatened by the human world he has been cast into,​ ​Liam finds sanctuary in a clan of badgers. 

He discovers his purpose for living by caring for wild animals, until a gang of hunters turn his new-found world that he has grown to love upside down…

The aim of the book, ‘A Badger’s Tale’, is to celebrate the badger, question what happens to it at the hands of humans, and recruit help and understanding among younger people.

You may recall the book was originally going to be called ‘Badger Boy’. Since finishing the book this month the author has decided it will be the first in a series of wildlife crime books, which will be called the ‘Nature Hero’s Series’.  As each book will feature the same human characters with a range of different wildlife species, the author has changed the name of this first book to ‘A Badger’s Tale’. 

The author of Nature Boy, Geoff Francis, is a Saatchi-shortlisted artist, sculptor, award-winning photographer, published author of fiction and non-fiction with 12 books to his credit, a film-maker and poet. 

A vegan for 47 years, all Geoff’s work and projects have had an ethical theme at their core. He has a long track record of championing the philosophy and lifestyle of Ghandi’s observation that ‘Enough is Plenty’, as well as following these principles in his own life.

Geoff set up and ran the first paper recycling for the nascent Friends of the Earth in 1971, and Animaline for Linda McCartney, Carla Lane and Rita Tushingham in the 1980s. Geoff also has a long-term involvement with Hillside Animal Sanctuary and is a trustee of Journey’s End Animal Sanctuary in Florida.


Most recently, Geoff’s vision has led to his co-founding the environmental charity No More Dodos, which uniquely uses sport and art to inspire individual action for change, and to support organisations working on behalf of endangered species and habitats. www.nomoredodos.org