WOW Chris Packham, and reveal your love of wildlife through your creativity!

To enter, draw a picture of one or more badgers in black and white, and send it to us.

The CLOSING DATE is 15 April 2019!

Chris Packham will judge the competition, and on Wednesday 1 May we’ll announce the 17 winners.

The 17 winning pictures will become illustrations in the wildlife crime mystery novel, Badger Boy written by artist and environmentalist, Geoff Francis.

You must be between 13 and 16 years old to enter.

You must be a UK resident. 

There is a limit of one entry per person.


Chris Packham says: “Badgers are a natural treasure that I have enjoyed studying, photographing and filming over many years. I have learned that they are not only fascinating and engaging but also an essential component of the UK’s ecosystems – our largest remaining land carnivore.  I’m looking forward to judging this competition and observing how badgers inspire your artwork.” 



The Badger Boy illustration competition is being run by Naturewatch Foundation and sponsored by No More Dodos